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T1/T2 : Design of an Integrated GaN Inverter into a Multiphase PMSM

Production scientifique
Publication janvier 2021

Vidéo présentant les travaux CE2I par Nadir IDIR lors de la conférence VPPC-IEEE 2020 (Vidéo en anglais). Ci-dessous résumé de cette vidéo en anglais :

Fast development of e-mobility calls for high-performance energy conversion systems (converter-motor) in terms of power density and energy efficiency, with the aim of increasing vehicle mileage. To achieve this objective, it is possible to act either on the design of the static converter or on the electric machine.

Thus, the increase in the power density of the converter will be achieved by using wide band-gap semiconductor power devices like the GaN transistors. These components are very small and able to operate at high frequency, thus reducing the dimensions of passive components and of the cooling system used. To increase the reliability of the electric machine, a multiphase (Permanent Magnet Synchronous Machine) PMSM is used. In this presentation, design method of the integrated 5-Leg GaN inverter into a PMSM is detailed.