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The project

The motor of the 21st century by ce2I, multi-disciplinary project

In the context of the Energy Transition of the 21st century, the electricity vector is capable of assimilating the different sources of clean renewable energies. It carries them wherever it is needed, transforms polluting features into clean features, and realizes new features.

The Intelligent Integrated Energy Converter project (CE2I) has been selected under the 2015-2020 State Region Plan Contract (CPER) and integrates the European dynamics of the Energy Transition.

An original approach

The original and unique approach of the CE2I project is based on the simultaneous involvement of several regional skills in electrical and thermal engineering. It comes from the cluster MEDEE roadmap that inspired the Research and Innovation Strategy – Intelligent Specialization (SRI-SI), and is fully based on its dynamic.

A project supported by the HDF region and the ERDF

The previous collaboration – CPER support 2007-2013 granted to the cluster MEDEE industrial and research partners – convinced the Hauts-de-France Region of the need to include the theme “Strong Current Components and Electric Chains” in its strategy of Research and Innovation – Smart Specialization 2014-2020 (SRI-SI). This decision has consequently favored the launch of new collaborative R & D projects led by regional, national and European funding (ERDF, European Economic and Regional Development Fund).

Produce a set of imbricated and multidisciplinary solutions

The CE2I project will address interdisciplinary issues. The deliverable will be an electromagnetic actuator, with large-gap, robust, compact, component-based static converters integrated into a 40 kW multi-phase machine in a small volume operating in a high temperature range, eco-efficient, structurally and functionally reliable.