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Task 4 : Analysis tools for integrated electromagnetic systems

The aim of this task is to design and develop electromagnetic tools capable of meeting the needs expressed for the design of reliable and integrated drives.

T4.1: models with large numbers of uncertain parameters for the design

The purpose of this task is to introduce multi-parameter stochastic numerical models to account for variability in the dimensions and laws of behavior of materials. Sensitivity analysis methods to isolate influential parameters will be developed and tested.

L2EP – Map of the magnetic field of the machine modeled with the Code_Carmel tool

T4.2: development of reduced models for dynamic simulation and control

The aim here is to propose suitable reduction methods for the models developed in T4.1 in order to have on the one hand dynamic models of machines that are healthy and in a fault mode with limited calculation times and, on the other hand , of different granularity models for the optimization phase T4.4.

T4.3: models of ferromagnetic materials

These models will be necessary to take into account the dependence of the laws of behavior of ferromagnetic materials with respect to magnetic, thermal and mechanical stresses in numerical models. It will also be necessary to integrate the variability introduced by aging and manufacturing processes via probabilistic approaches. This sub-task will be based on the work carried out in task 3.3.

T4.4: design by multi-physical optimization and multi-objective

The goal is to combine the complexity and accuracy of multi-physical models at reasonable computational times for use with optimization methods. Procedures jointly using substitution models (which can be derived from T4.2) and high-precision models will be implemented in order to achieve both a fast and accurate optimization. Lastly, coupling techniques between the different disciplines integrated in the process of optimization of the component will be necessary.

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